A little group of people is working on a hidden project to start viewing things as they really are, they worked in secret for many years. I cannot tell you who discovered it and spread this method. 
Trust me, I'll take the responsibility and consequences (and will be many and unpleasant), to reveal the way to the truth, and the technique to discover it:
put the object that you want to analyze on a neutral background, in the dark, the only light must come from flares issued from a television, any kind of tv. Well, remember; the light flashes must come from the left side to the object (look at the diagram above)
There, now you take a camera, place it on a tripod, and you open the shutter for 53 seconds, with a iris aperture of 8. Take care, total darkness, only television flashes (it does not matter the television program, one or the other) , aperture 8 and shutter of 53 seconds. 
Well, you'll have the truth, you will see the object as it is and all the consequences that follow it, therefore, before doing it, you have to think (very very well) about the possible consequences.
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